Membership / Payment protection

1250 $
1-Year Membership + Including Basic Payment Protection
375 $
Diamond Payment Protection

Bronze Member
Up to 10,000 $ annual coverage

Silver Member
Up to 15,000 $ annual coverage

Gold Member
Up to 20,000 $ annual coverage

If you want to have a higher level of 
DIAMOND Payment Protection you can have the 50.000 $ annual cover for an additional annual fee of 750 $ (this applies only when you have the basic Payment protection already, being a paid AGLN member of 1250 $ annual fee.)

In case of non-payment by another member, the procedure is as follows to reach the best collection scenario:

After 90 days non-payment and various reminders, you must notify the AGLN staff for proceedings of collection through Euler and Hermes or FDRS.

You also have to blacklist and start proceedings with FDRS.

If you do have active payment protection, as a bonus, AGLN will cover the initial fees of USD 125 for the collection service of Euler and Hermes. This is a special offer to all of our members with Payment Protection as a way of helping out and showing our appreciation.

Payment Protection has become an industry standard and a network not offering financial protection is not a serious network. We are confident in our members and their financial stability and good character.

Payment Protection is a tailor-made insurance cover in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of one of its members. This can be over several cases and/or with/to several members.

A simple payment dispute or lack of response is here not covered, but AGLN Team will always assist and mediate in these cases and we have managed to solve all cases in our many years of existence.

(In some cases AGLN Payment Protection decides to compensate for non-payment cases which are not part of insolvency or bankruptcy of one of its members)

 Credit insurance is another way of covering issues with your customers with the biggest turnover. This insurance also covers cases of non-payment without liquidation or bankruptcy. It covers simple issues of non-payment (we are currently working on a few credit insurance offers to bring to the network)

The AGLN Network does not accept any claim from the members who do not hold the Payment Protection program. All members must report AGLN Team if there is any unreasonable delay of payment by the fellow-partner in the group.


AGLN  Compensation Procedure

The following documents are required to prepare the compensation.

Each case will be evaluated by the administrator. Upon approval AGLN Team office will appoint collection agents. Each case will be evaluated by the administrator. Upon approval AGLN Admin office will appoint Euler and Hermes .

Before offering or accepting business, we request checking the AGLN Network directory and confirm if the member holds a valid membership in the group.

Members will not be entertained for doing business or making a claim for the Payment Protection program to any non-members even after the notification of any suspended / terminated member of the group is announced. We request the members to carefully read each announcement/circulation message from AGLN Admin and forward the same to your respective departments in your office. Please note that the latest updated members’ directory is sent in the 1st week of every month, you may check it to ensure you are dealing with a current member. Payment protection will only be valid with current members of AGLN who are valid at the time of the shipment in question.


The AGLN payment protection compensation covers only the cost incurred of the shipments in question to be compensated for.

Your Payment Protection or AGLN membership needs to be at the time of the claim 100 % intact / in order and paid.