AGLN Terms and Conditions

  • Pay Membership fees or any related fees to events or conferences in a timely manner and no later than 30 days following invoice. If not paid within 30 days, an automatic credit warning will be generated. Fees not paid within 2 months may trigger a suspension from the network. A member may leave the network at any time, however the annual membership fee / one-off establishment fee / payment protection is not-refundable.
  • Payment Protection is a tailor-made insurance cover in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of one of its members. This can be over several cases and/or with/to several members. A simple payment dispute or lack of response is here not covered, but AGLN Team will always assist and mediate in these cases and we have managed to solve all cases in our many years of existence.
  • Reply to all enquiries made by other network members within 24 hours.
  • Reply to quotationrequest within 24 hours and then daily updates till full quotation is completed .
  • Provide up to date information on your business, including 2 email addresses for contact by members. Any changes in details should be advised to AGLN as soon as possible. Honour all individual credit agreements with other members.
  • Pay the receiving agent in the specified currency as per invoice. If this is impossible due to local currency restrictions, then both agents will agree to the amount to be converted so no loss occurs in transfer. Bank fees are payable by the paying agent.
  • To respect other members’ existing customer base and refrain from back-selling.
  • Share profits according to prior agreement with another member.
  • Refrain from activities that lead to competition between members within the same market.
  • Act in ways that encourage relationship building between members.
  • Operate in accordance with all stated shipping advice.
  • Participate in AGLN networking events, as much as is possible.
  • Attend the AGLN conference at the minimum every second year.
  • Display the network logo on your websites and in your business communications.
  • To provide bona fide sales leads to other members when possible.

Complaints Management

  • Expulsion of members from the network is obviously not desirable and will only occur when all other avenues of arbitration have been explored.
  • If you have grievance with AGLN or a network member please write to This will be discussed with the member in question or with AGLN management if it relates to a grievance with AGLN.
  • AGLN will follow up the member within 2 weeks of the complaint being sent and facilitate any mediation that might be required.
  • This is a confidential process and members are strongly discouraged from making any comments to the broader network during any stage of the grievance process. We aim to not impact on a member’s business until the matter has been resolved. However we are not liable for any loss of business opportunities as a result of a freight forwarder being part of the AGLN network.

AGLN Liability

  • AGLN is not liable for any commercial or financial obligations undertaken by members which default.
  • The network will not be liable or accept responsibility for insurance or commercial claims that are the direct result of the actions of our members.
  • I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions and code of conduct from AGLN, and understand the cost of membership under “Becoming a Member”Reply to quotationrequest within 24 hours and then daily updates till full quotation is completed .